Kaiser builds communities, not of homes, but of appealing, liveable homes, communities comprehensive with shops, churches, schools. You spend $7,950 to $8,800 , and Kaiser gives you a contemporary, three-bedroom property using a two-car garage, and throws within a lot worth around $2,000. Kaiser communities, under construction or in project, run in groups of 200 to 2.500 residences.

As you look at a block of Kaiser houses you cannot locate two that appear alike, and yet each home may be the very same in interior construction. This really is the secret of Kaiser's mass! production strategy best rolex replica watches ; he builds "chassis" for homes, as Detroit builds chassis for automobiles.

The Kaiser chassis consists of a rectangular core of 5-1/2 rooms. This he turns out within a sprawling 15-acre factory Garages, roofs, porches also are mass-produced, however the) are put on the chassis within a variety of ways.

One residence might have the garage attached at the correct front corner. One could have it at the left rear corner. Or maybe a third may perhaps have it completely detached.

Some walls are a yard thick Your roof could have a higher pitch and two slopes. Your neighbor's may well have 4 sloping surfaces in addition to a low pitch. Your house could be white stucco, or clapboard, or dark redwood,or maybe a mixture of a number of finishes.

It was Kaiser's partner, Burns, who doped out the concept of varying the exterior look of the factory-built houses to keep them from seeking like just that. Currently he and Kaiser are establishing 11,500 lots on 2,000 acres in southern California web-sites. Their factory builds, besides the "chassis" units, wall panels, imitation watches ceiling and floor panels, plumbing and kitchen cabinets.

Take as an instance a panel which is a wall between bedrooms. It is a yard thick, because it is actually comprehensive with closets, cabinets, vanities. In all, 40 panels go into a three-bedroom home. (The builders spot much less emphasis on the two-bedroom models they've been turning out.) "Gone would be the old" approaches As well as shifting garages and altering roof shapes replica rolex watches , Burns and Kaiser use varying set-back plans, which, coupled with varying porches and exterior finishes rolex replica watches swiss , make an remarkable distinction in residence appearance.

Burns says that gone forever are the old days when builders could get by with only four styles, so that two out of five houses have been alike. From their fundamental three-bedroom chassis, he and Kaiser get no fewer than 20 diverse styles.

KAISER'S "CHASSIS" Homes (Feb, 1947)


They're assembled from factory-built units, but they don't appear alike

What Henry J. Kaiser is currently performing to meet the housing shortage in the Los Angeles region he regards as a sample of what he might be performing shortly close to Detroit, Portland (Oregon), and also other of our cities. Teamed up with Fritz B. Burns, veteran Los Angeles land developer, Kaiser is finishing 1,700 homes close to the California city, and before the year is more than he expects to put up 10,000 much more, there and elsewhere.

There's conjecture about just how many houses Kaiser can supply in 1948, however the nation remembers how he turned production impossibilities into production records when the nation required cement, steel, and ships.